Only Yesterday

Posted on 02. Apr, 2017 by in Cel Animation Cat Films

A cat has a (literally) walk-on part in Only Yesterday, a complex drama in cartoon form about a women whose pivotal experiences in fifth grade fill her thoughts in adult life and drive her to spend her vacations from her white-collar job in Tokyo trying to fulfill the dream she had back then of spending time in Japan’s countryside.  A common short-haired tabby (striped) cat passes by her, walking along the ledge of her apartment’s balcony, while she discusses her increasing chronological age and presumably decreasing marriage prospects with a friend on the phone who believes she is getting “too old” to be as “picky” as she is. The status of the cat (stray or owned, domestic or feral), is unknown: it looks reasonably well-fed and healthy, suggesting in may be an indoor-outdoor cat belonging to one of her neighbors in the immediate area.

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