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2016 / 80min / DCP


A Q&A with director/producer Ceyda Torun will accompany the following shows:
Friday, February 10 at (7pm: SOLD OUT) and (9pm: SOLD OUT)
Saturday, February 11 at (7pm: SOLD OUT) and (9pm: SOLD OUT)
Sunday, February 12 at (3pm: SOLD OUT) and (5pm: SOLD OUT)

In this sumptuously-shot documentary tribute to the street cats of Istanbul, the people of the city warmly reflect on these collective pets who are neither stray nor domestic, and the role that they play in the life of the dynamic megalopolis. A movie of enormous, playful charm, with keen insights into this rapidly changing city trying to hang on to its felines, and its soul. Cat lovers, meet the best movie you will ever see.

An Oscilloscope Laboratories release

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