Early in the narrative of [easyazon_link identifier=”B014U45DSU” locale=”US” tag=”catfilms-20″]Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet[/easyazon_link], the animated film version made to showcase artistic interpretations of some of Kahil Gibran’s poems, following a dust-up in the marketplace, Almitra, a little girl afflicted by selective mutism and acting out since the death of her father two years prior, is accosted by some of her peers, children of a similar age group, a boy and a girl. The other little girl accompanies a boy who conceals a cat under his shirt, only to lift it and release the cat after having proclaimed to Almitra that they had found the cat “who had gotten your tongue”.


The orange cat, of undetermined gender, is only briefly seen. After having scrambled from the little boy’s shirt, it is seen with hair standing on end, having leapt into the air at the same level as a tern Almitra had followed.


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