Sita Sings the Blues

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In Sita Sings The Blues, more than one cat figures in the story of Nina and David, the modern-day American couple whose relationship story is told in parallel with a re-telling of the Ramayana.
In the early part of the movie, a (presumably female) light brown and cream-colored striped cat named Lexi is seen curled up near the foot of the couple’s bed, asleep.
Shortly after the cat wakes up, she unrealistically wakes up Nina by jumping up and down on her head and pillow, and continues the unrealistic jumping behavior repetitively on the way to the food dish, while dubbed-in loud meowing fills the air until canned cat food is in her dish.
Lexi the cat wakes up Nina and David in the morning
Later on in the picture and the day, the couple is seen engaged in quiet work and reading in the living room, and the cat is part of the group, sitting on the floor nearby while Nina reads the paper on the couch, and David uses the internet on a laptop computer on the floor.
Lexi the cat as a member of the family in Nina & David's San Francisco apartment

It is thus that he finds out about a job offer which takes him to India. Though Nina expresses reservations about the job offer, because of such practical problems as what to do with the San Francisco apartment and the cat, David takes the job, because, initially, David’s absence is supposed to be limited to “a six-month contract”, so Nina and the cat remain behind. When David’s contract gets extended, Nina makes some decisions: she sublets the apartment by placing an ad in a local paper, asking for potential tenants willing to care for the cat. she then packs her bags and goes to India to join David. While in India, she gets an invitation to a meeting in New York. While she is in New York, she gets an e-mail from David telling her “don’t come back”.
She ends up getting a job in NYC (it seems she had an offer at or around the time of the Dear John e-mail). However, her initial apartment in NYC is cold and bare and inhabited by cockroaches. She is seen crying herself to sleep in this apartment, which is in Brooklyn.
Later on, she seems to have upgraded to a better-looking apartment, and to have acquired a black cat, who serves as her companion, joining her in bed and resting in the crook of her arm, purring loudly as she reads the Ramayana.
Nina in NYC apartment with black cat, reading the Ramayana.

While the black cat remains nameless, he seems to be her sole companion (no man is seen in the new apartment).
The movie ends with a note amongst the credits which informs the audience that the new tenants of Nina’s San Francisco apartment effectively adopted Lexi the cat, and now “spoil” her.

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