Horrible Bosses

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Though Horrible Bosses is chiefly about managerial figures who are corrupt, inept, cruel, or sexually predatory, a cat does figure in the picture.
When the three buddies who band together to take action against their above-named boss bete noires, in the process of which they break into the mansion of one of the bosses in order to gain intelligence to use for the purpose of murdering him double-cross style, they encounter a cat belonging to the wife of the boss in a darkened upstairs hallway.

“Encounter”, in a comedic buddy movie, means disturb, awaken, trip over, or step on, so a dubbed-in cat screech is heard shortly thereafter. They are startled by the cat, at least as much as the cat is startled by them. They encounter the cat on another occasion, and discuss among themselves the possibility that there could be more than one cat in the house. They dismiss the thought, and agree that they ran into the same cat a second time.
Curiously, the segment of the hallway in which they encountered the cat (later shown to be a brown tabby, with the delicate bone structure of a female), is decorated with cat-related objets d’ art, though other cat memorabilia is not seen elsewhere in the house.

The cat is evidently the wife’s pet: the husband most likely never spoke of it, and the cat is seen later outdoors in the company of the wife.

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