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A large orange male cat played a prominent if uncredited, role in the John Wayne Movie, “True Grit” (based on a novel of the same name, True Grit, published a year before the release of the 1969 motion picture).
In the film, the cat lives with Marshal Rooster J. Cogburn in the back of Chin Lee’s store. The first time the cat is seen in the movie, he is lounging comfortably on the shop’s counter. Cogburn introduces shopkeeper Chin Lee as his father and cat Gen. Sterling Price as his nephew when he brings Mattie Ross (Kim Darby) to his home.
Contrary to certain stereotypes concerning his co-owner’s ethnic group, it is later demonstrated at dinner that the cat is in no danger of being eaten, but in fact shares the dinner table and the food with the humans present, and is treated as a beloved pet by both Cogburn and his landlord, Chin Lee.
The cat is also present and lounging on the table when Rooster and Chin Lee play cards and are interrupted by a visitor.
Rooster Cogburn demonstrates his “might makes right” philosophy by shooting at a rat after declaring that he had a writ to serve the rat. After such declaiming ceased to discourage the rat from nibbling on grain from a hole in a burlap sack, he fired his gun in the rat’s direction, and with his shooting prowess, accurately targeted the rat, though he was sufficiently drunk as to be slurring his words. The cat, though present in the vicinity, had not gone after the rat when it was alive, and showed little interest when it was presented to him dead, leading to Cogburn’s statement that Gen. Sterling Price was lazy.

The orange cat with the name of Gen. Sterling Price has his very own cat bed in True Grit

The orange cat with the name of Gen. Sterling Price has his very own cat bed in True Grit

At a later time in the movie, inconsistantly with his earlier statements and behavior towards the feline Gen. Sterling Price, John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn insists that “cats belong to nobody” and that he merely “rooms” with the cat and Chin Lee.

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