In The Adventures of Tintin, a cat plays a brief and silent part. While other animals in the film, most notably Tintin’s dog, Snowy, show evidence of personality and emotion, the dark-faced Siamese cat which inexplicably gets into Tintin’s house on two occasions during the beginning of the film plays a pivotal role in the plot, but its motives are as dark, silent, and inscrutable as its presence. It has no name, but is described in the Wikipedia entry for the film as “the neighbor’s cat”.

The cat gets into Tintin's house through an open French window.

We, the audience, are never given an opportunity to know the cat, but it is because Tintin’s dog Snowy must chase the cat, and it runs through the house to elude him, that the model ship Tintin bought at the flea market becomes damaged, and reveals the clue which starts Tintin and Snowy on the quest which occupies the rest of the movie.

Destruction is left in the wake of the action-filled cat chase scene. The nameless cat escapes through the open window, while the damaged model ship lies in the foreground.

The cat makes a second, just as silent, and quite possibly just as unauthorized appearance in Tintin’s house. When two Scotland Yard/Interpol agents come to call, one of them trips over the cat on the stairs shortly before they both depart. It is unknown if the cat has a role in or knowledge of the mystery which is ultimately revealed.

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