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Post Grad is about the struggle of a white, middle-class young woman fresh out of college to land a job with sufficient pay to allow her to move out of her family home. A cat (belonging to the accross-the-street neighbor, a single man from Brazil) figures briefly and tangentially in this picture.
Life with her “eccentric” family doesn’t help matters: when her car suffers a fender-bender, her father offers to fix it, she must take cabs in the meantime while he waits for a part. Her father does eventually fix the damage to her car, but does new damage when backing it out of the driveway; not only to the car itself, which loses a door in the process, but to the neighbor’s orange cat, which he runs over, a fact discovered shortly after a loud, dubbed-in cat screech rends the air. Though the paterfamilias of the Malby clan has had problems with the cat before, most recently in a preceeding scene when, attempting to take a desk from a moving van, he slipped on cat doo in his driveway, the cat’s death is genuinely an accident. In the previous driveway incident, the cat is seen running from the scene of the crime, and Malby is seen complaining loudly about the cat’s past record of “crapping” on his property, and confronting his neighbor, who lamely promises that he will speak to the cat about it.
Though the cat was not theirs, the Malby family attends and seems to have orchestrated the funeral. All members of the family are gathered at the grave, which turns out to be too small for the pizza box which Mr. Malby has used as a coffin, having written “Senor Gato” in thick black Magic Marker on the top. (Malby making a spectacle of himself punching and tamping down the pizza box and piling dirt on top of it with his hands makes up the majority of the funeral sequence.) “Memories” from Cats the musical is played from a cassette player on a little table.
Don’t worry: no cats were actually hurt or killed in the making of this film!

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