Paradise: Faith

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[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00DRJ9G4M” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”114″]In [easyazon-link asin=”B00DRJ9G4M” locale=”us”]Paradise: Faith[/easyazon-link], Rolli the cat is an innocent bystander to the morass of marital issues which led to Maria and Nabil’s separation and to Maria and Nabil fighting unfairly and dragging their respective religions into it when Nabil invites himself over for an extended stay, claiming an attempt at reconciliation. Rolli, a dark brown and black tabby cat of indeterminate gender, had been entrusted by a friend to Maria for cat-sitting for an indeterminate amount of time before Nabil showed up.

During the prior two years of Maria and Nabil’s separation, Maria had taken to an extreme form of Catholicism, which involved self-mortification of various kinds, as well as active evangelization. Regardless of where her religious sensibilities may lie, it is shown in the movie that order and discipline are pretty big in her life. Besides her X-Ray technician job, she keeps a spotless house, with white walls adorned with crucifixes. When paraplegic and Muslim Nabil comes over, he is portrayed as a force of anarchy.

Initially, it is easy to sympathize with Nabil’s “live a little” attitude (though he later reveals a side of himself in which becomes drunk and aggressive). At one point, Nabil takes Rolli on the stairlift from the lower half of the house to the upper level of the house, holding the cat securely on his lap, though the cat clearly wants to jump off. The cat is heard to growl and seen to squirm in the footage, even so, Nabil manages to successfully transfer into his wheelchair while holding the cat onto his lap. When he gets into the kitchen, and opens a can onto a plate, he puts the cat on the countertop, which Maria strenuously objects to as unsanitary, after having objected to the choice of can he opened as being one of “their” food. Maria also states that the cat should be confined to the basement. This becomes the “trigger” for a fresh fight for the couple.

Previously, she had been seen to have opened a can of cat food, let the cat approach the plate on the floor, and then put the cat into the carrier, and the carrier onto the balcony/terrace so the cat could “get some fresh air”. Nabil at one point holds the cat on his lap while he brings his wheelchair out to this area. The cat is not seen in the movie beyond this, one can only hope he/she got adequate food and exercise.

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