Material Girls

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[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B000JFY05W” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”117″][easyazon-link asin=”B000JFY05W” locale=”us”]Material Girls[/easyazon-link] is a drama/comedy concerning two fictional cosmetics-company heiresses who lose their father, the founder, shortly before the major corporation he started loses its credibility following a television news expose which leads people to believe that the skin cream made by the company gives people severe acne and permanent skin damage. The stock of the cosmetics corporation plummets, and the girls’ corporate credit cards (and by implication, other funds) are cut off, and the girls, who are portrayed as trust-fund babies in the vein of the Hilton sisters, find their continued wealth and position in the upper class is in the balance.
One disaster follows another, as the girls accidentally set their quarters on fire following a fight over smoking and a spilled open bottle of nail polish remover. In a scene which is supposed to show superficiality, the girls grab some clothing and personal effects, including their father’s TiVo, before fleeing from the fire.
They end up taking refuge and living with their family’s former housekeeper after having their corporate credit cards declined at a hotel and their car stolen. Their decline in fortunes and reputation lead to a lot of society’s doors being slammed in their faces, and former friends distancing themselves.
In an ultimately successful effort to clear their fathers’ name, restore their company’s profit (and their financial security), they meet Henry Baines, who works for a Free Legal Clinic, a “cute” (reasonably handsome and of socially-appropriate age) young lawyer who does some pro bono work and recommends that they have a private investigator look into the records on whether their company’s face cream actually does permanent damage to peoples’ skin.
At one point, when Ava comes to the lawyer’s office to consult with him, they share a pizza, and Ava is happily getting to know him better, and getting closer in every way, until a charcoal-and-white cat jumps onto the table, whereupon she jumps up and screams about “being attacked by a vermin” and screams “get that rat off me!” It takes a while for her to realize that dark gray fur-covered animal is, in fact, a cat, whereupon she screams : “I hate cats”! He replies that Clarence Darrow (the cat’s name) is insulted, and the cat gets to the pizza box, and is seen to eat the pizza crust.
Because they have no money, the girls get the idea to do the investigation themselves. The TiVo comes in handy when one of the girls notices the woman who had been on the news report which ruined the reputation of their father’s face cream, had previously been on a show about serious skin problems called “The Evils Of The Epidermis”. This constitutes public video proof that she had a pre-existing condition.
They track down the woman, and visit her house, which is full of cats. None of the cats’ names are mentioned, but the cats are seen conspicuously walking on sofas, chairs, and tables, and sitting on their mistress’ lap. The woman reveals that after having appeared on both Evils of the Epidermis, and on the expose television news show, the cosmetics company paid for cosmetic surgery on her face. But when the girls’ questioning hits too close to home, she shoos them out, whereupon they encounter a disgruntled neighbor who complains about Margo’s cats spraying his VW.
Disgruntled neighbor dishes on the fact that the woman did not get the red marks and irritations (which he referred to as “The Big Dipper”) on her face from the face cream their father’s company made, but she “was born with it”, and she had grown up in the neighborhood.
This crucial bit of information leads to the girls’ discovering other pieces of the puzzle, restoring Marchetta Cosmetics reputation, and reclaiming the company.
This movie is better than it seems, because the girls learn a few life lessons while they experience poverty. Among other things, they get new ideas for the cosmetics company, including making quality cosmetics with natural ingredients affordable.

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