Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey was a 1993 remake of the previous movie version produced by Disney in 1963.
According to And My Cat, “Sassy lived up to her name in this Disney film, where she spent lots of time with her two dog companions while they tried to reunite with their owners. Eight different Himalayan cats were used in the film and were trained using a buzzer that indicated they would get a treat. Sassy was voiced by Sally Field in the ‘90s remakes of this movie.”
Besides the earlier movie version, inspired by The Incredible Journey, a book which was said to have been based on a true account of pet animals returning to their owner, having traveled over a long distance, the 1993 version of the Incredible Journey inspired a fictionalized sequel,Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey / Homeward Bound II – Lost In San Francisco, with the same animal characters, in a new and different city.

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