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In Cats & Dogs (Widescreen Version), a fantasy sci-fi movie only possible through the magic of CGI, both cats and dogs engage in audible speech, and have access to hidden high-tech headquarters for their respective species’ espionage agencies. The details of the animals’ formal governmental structures supporting this are sketchy, but there is apparently a World Council of Dogs which appears to be a UN-like organization which meets at the center of the Earth.
A young beagle pup who seeks to escape from his home in a farmer’s barn and experience a more exciting life gets adopted by a woman and accidentially stumbles into this secret world, which is very carefully kept hidden from humans, as the “less advanced species”.
He is given a backstory which involves some revisionist history: according to the movie, when papyrii from Ancient Egypt had drawings of humans worshipping cats, there was more to it: cats actually ruled over humans, and were cruel slavedrivers who whipped human slaves who built the pyramids. Dogs came into the picture later, routed the cats from the government, and took a more equitable place alongside humans. The war between the species had been going on (and successfully hidden from humans) since then.

A crucial moment in this conflict comes when a human amateur scientist (he has his own “clean room” in a suburban home) develops a vaccine to prevent dog allergies. As this development will (the cats believe) make dogs the favorite pet among humans, the cats of the world seek to steal the vaccine and re-engineer it to cause humans administered the vaccine to become allergic to dogs. With this wedge thus driven between dogs and humans, dogs will thus lose their homes and support in human society. The ringleader of the cats involved in this plot is a large white Persian named Mr. Tiddles, who plays the archvillian of the piece instead of merely being the archvillain’s cat.
However, the price he pays for his exalted status among the cats of the area is an existance full of petty humiliations in the human society. The humans in his life are a comotose old man who owns the mansion he lives in, and a plump Latina maid who bathes him, dresses him in such things as pink bonnets, and places him on the old man’s bed, expecting him to somehow “cheer up” the old man. (On the HBO feature show about the making of the movie included on the DVD, it was explained that no stunt cat in the world would have stood for the bathtub scene, and thus a cat created entirely of CGI was the only option).
The old man and the industry he heads are vital to the cats’ plot to banish the dogs and regain control of the world. Tiddles comes up with an elaborate plot to utilize mice in a twist on their traditional roles as vectors of disease to spread the re-engineered vaccine that makes humans allergic to dogs. Unlike the dogs and cats in the picture, whose characters are given intelligent if somewhat fantasy-laden roles, the mice are portrayed as mindless minions.

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