The Adventures Of Milo and Otis is an English-language (and somewhat re-cut) version of an earlier Japanese film called The Adventures Of Chatran which was made in the mid-1980s as the tale of an orange tabby cat. (“Chatran” is in fact the Japanese word for the color of the cat shown in the movie.) Milo and Otis portrays the life of a young male cat from kittenhood to maturity, and the fact that he develops a friendship with a young male pug dog of the same approximate age. The original version of the movie inspired a lot of related merchandise tie-ins and comic books in Japan, including but not limited to a small orange stuffed kitten sold in a cardboard replica of the box that Chatran rode in while ending up adrift in a stream, and safely making it down a waterfall, in the Japanese version of the picture. Alas, all such merchandising opportunities seem to have not come to fruition in the US market. Among the changes made in the movie to market it in America was the fact that the dog’s name was changed from “Pusuku” to Otis. Though the Americanized version lacks some of the nuances of the original, it is still worth watching.

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