Shrek Forever After

Posted on 20. Jan, 2011 by in CGI Animation Cat Films

Though Shrek Forever After is not a movie exclusively featuring cats, or centered on a cat or cats, a cat does play a vital role in the plot of this picture.
It is Puss who scratches the back of Donkey with his claws to get him to stop dancing to the Pied Piper’s tune and rush to the rescue of Shrek & stop the attempt to control the other trolls at a crucial point in the storyline.
Puss-in-Boots, a recurring character from past Shrek pictures and the world of classic fairytales from which they were inspired, is portrayed as a large orange male cat having “gone soft” in a fictionalized alternate future in which Shrek had never been born, never rescued and married Fiona, never had children, etc.
In this alternative future scenario, Fiona is a warrior princess in the troll society, and Puss is her pampered pet, having gotten too fat drinking bottles of cream to even successfully turn around to lick his back when grooming (at one point, he asks Donkey to do it for him, and looks at him with the pleading dilated-pupil eyes familiar to anyone who has dealt with a pleading, expectant cat, in order to persuade him to lick his back.)
The animators and sound techs did a very realistic job with the scene where Puss has a feline startle reaction: on screen, all his hair is instantly seen to stand up, while he emits a hiss realistic enough to make my own cat, who was watching the movie on DVD with me at the time, to tense up and prepare for battle herself.

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