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Bolt (Single-Disc Edition) is a movie centered on a dog, but it does feature cats (as well as pigeons and a hamster).
In the initial scenes of the movie, it is shown that the dog Bolt is the canine equivalent of the guy in the Truman Show; the television studio personnel take pains to make sure that Bolt thinks he’s the role he’s playing: a dog with superpowers whose home is a set and whose “person” is acting a role, too. Bolt has no experience of the outside world or of other dogs, and his sole experience with cats is limited to those on the show, who play the roles of evil associates of the show’s villain, The Green-Eyed Man.
The two cats, a puffy Himalayan and a skeletal black cat, use this fact to tease Bolt at the conclusion of work on the show one day. They appear at a skylight window above Bolt and play their roles to the hilt. They are later seen returning to their cat carriers on the set of the show.
Bolt meets another cat later in the movie, who plays a different role with respect to him.
After he arrives in New York, Bolt is introduced to Mittens, a tiny tuxedo cat, by pigeons whom she is intimidating in a protection racket. They bring her food, she threatens them with “the claws” if they fail to do so. When the pigeons realize that Bolt thinks that all cats are connected with his fictional nemesis, and Bolt knows nothing about their situation while being physically able to rout a cat, they take advantage of the situation and use him to chase their extortionist away.

Mittens, the cat who gets Bolt to travel back to Hollywood

Mittens, who accompanies Bolt back to Hollywood

That he does, but Bolt and Mittens end up joining forces when Mittens tricks him into thinking she does know the location of the Green-Eyed Man, and circumstances are such that she ends up accompanying him on the trip back to Hollywood that she tricks him into taking. Bolt thus becomes a Road Movie (the pair sneak into a moving van, and travel as far as Ohio that way, they get from there to Hollywood by other means) and eventually a Buddy Picture (Bolt and Mittens are initially hostile to each other at the beginning of their trip to Hollywood, but become more friendly as the trip unfolds, and eventually end up in a state of peaceful coexistence). The journey, with its arguments and adventures that ensue, also leads to the revelation that Mittens isn’t what she seems: abandoned by her former human owners, she is embittered about the nature of humans’ love and care, and having been de-clawed, her threats to the pigeons were all an act. Ultimately, the unspoken commonality that she and Bolt share is that they are both actors.
There is a happy ending: Bolt reunites with his “person”, the girl who plays this part on the TV show, but loves him in real life as well. She proves able to adopt Mittens as well.

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