Ramona and Beezus

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While Ramona and Beezus is not billed as a “cat movie”, the family cat, Picky Picky, is more than a minor character. He appears in some capacity in nearly every interior scene in Ramona’s family home.
The character of Picky Picky is an older male cat. True to form, the cat in the movie is a large-ish cat, and fairly inactive, often shown sitting, sleeping, lounging, or walking for short distances, but not running at speed or pouncing. Though PickyPicky’s markings and coloration are not specified in the books with Ramona and Beezus which inspired the movie, the choice of a mixed-breed with some length and fluffiness to his fur over an ordinary domestic shorthair adds some visual interest and is not inconsistant with the personality of the cat as described in the original books. The Ramona and Beezus movie combines elements of all of the original books involving Ramona and Beezus, but is not a complete recreation or recounting of the books.
Ramona’s father greets the cat every evening when he gets home from work, (when he has a job), but it is a running gag that he gets the cat’s name wrong (in this case, deliberately) every time.
During the course of the movie, Picky Picky dies. The cat dies at a time when neither of the parents are at home or otherwise available, at a time when both parents are under stress due to the father’s loss of a job.
Ramona discovers that Picky Picky is dead when he seems to be asleep, but doesn’t wake up. To shield their parents from more stress, Beezus and Ramona decide to bury Picky Picky themselves (Beezus, being in her teen years, is apparently physically capable of digging an adequate grave in the garden) They make an aesthetically pleasing grave marker with a flat rock and crayon writing, which gives Picky Picky’s age at death as 16 years. They stand in front of the completed grave and give him their own eulogy.
As Picky Picky is the family pet and a constant presence in their lives, the parents do eventually notice Picky Picky’s absence, and Ramona and Beezus inform them of his death, albeit after the fact.
The book presents another dimension to this event of Picky Picky’s death which is not portrayed in the movie: in the book, when the cat dies, because the death was discovered when both parents were out and the girls were staying home alone, the girls’ mother has the sagacity to inform the children that Picky Picky’s death was not their fault, but because he was such an old cat, he had reached the limit of the average cat’s lifespan, and his death, of natural causes, was likely to happen sooner or later anyway.

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